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National Association of Juneteenth Lineage

Celebrating Culture & Independence


When the United States won its independence, the freedom of the states changed little for the most subjugated and enslaved within the former colonies. In fact, many colonizers who participated in chattel slavery had fought in the American Revolution over fears that the abolition of slavery sweeping through their former homelands would also take root in the "New" World. Upon the revolution’s victory, and immediate fears over abolition put to rest, it was not until nearly a century later that freedom became more accessible to everyone. Celebration of Juneteenth honors  those who demanded for more than a performative acknowledgement of justice and also supports a more inclusive understanding of independence.


June 11

Celebrating Donald Faithwalker Burton


Donald "Faithwalker" Burton Celebration: June 11th

Honoring Officer Donald "Faithwalker" Burton on the 11th of June. Please join us for the livestream church event at 3:00 PM CDT. For more information, call (985)-507-3699


Alkebulan Ominira

The Alkebulan Ominira celebrates the path to freedom and observes principles of character to protect our independence.

Mansa Museum

To support our vision to expand in educational resources, our museum initiative will provide the public with live and interactive forms of educational support.

Academic Resources

Through our partnership with BH365, we will be providing reading resources and commercial projects that are connected to Black History. 

Partners & Sponsors

The NAJL's work is also made possible with the support of these partners and sponsors
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