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Global Director  ELLEN A. ROLLINS 

Objective To serve in a challenging public administrative/academic position where I apply my experience and education towards intrinsic and mutual benefits in public service. Specializing in community health program and educational product development. AA Gen Ed (79), BA Psychology (90) AS Labor (2021). MS Metaphysics (2023)

Ms. Ellen Rollins: I am the National Association of Juneteenth Lineage, Inc
Global Director In this capacity, I speak, on organizational boards representing our Black African American interest and issues across this nation; such as health care reform, anti-poverty reforms, social economic justice, Black Lives Matter, ACLU, WEAP, Move To Amend, & CA state Coordinated Care Initiatives. I presently work as, Curator of African & Black World Footsteps,
for “A Sense Of Family”. MoonRaker World Trade Enterprises, founder & Intellectual Property Developer of expressions through education and health practices using “The Tree Of Life Meditation System” by Ra Nefer and “Just Living In This World” process developed for the PALO Alto VA Hospital mental health continuity of care systems. Trainings towards: peaceful, personal, conflict resolution skill & enhancement therapies. I have successfully implemented “A Sense of Family” programing since 1989 nationally & internationally through; after school programs from California to US Virgin Islands.
Sharing the history of human kind and its Black evolutionary footsteps in America: through “Who are these Africans Getting off that Boat; these are not the Black Africans that got onto those Boats” by Ellen Rollins. I have been establishing Black Museums in Santa Clara County since 2005 Founding Curator of “Kamet” in Gilroy & “ African American History House” (AAHH)
at History San Jose. I presently I am Chief Curator of “San Jose Black History Museum of Silicon Valley”(SJBHMSV) its Virtual & its Traveling Museum, “San Jose Black Footsteps Tour”; 2021.

funded Projects.


I began my nursing career in 1969-present, serving in the fields of Behavioral Health at National Children’s Center (DC) 10 yrs, Research, diagnostics & Surgical units at National Institutes of Heart & Lung Health (Bethesda MD) 3 yrs, Georgetown Community Health Triage unit (Rockville MD) 1 & 1/2yrs, then specializing in Mental Health services at California Palo Alto Veterans Med. Cntr. 11 yrs, & Recovery Health at Village Virgin Islands Partners in Recovery & Dept. Of Mental Health (US VI) 5 yrs, before returning to California to partner in the development of CA In-Home Supportive Services home health as a Rehabilitation Specialist IP since 1995 through SEIU 715, 521 & 2015. The goal remains to become a Cultural & Medical Anthropologist of ancient healing methodology. Sound frequencies & Intuitive meditations I have been involved in continuing advocacy concerning community-based and transitional healthcare services since 1990 in the US & its Territories. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work and assist People’s transition toward a successful return into Community living options post-injury or illness; which has always been a personal career goal for me. As SEIU 521 (PWD) People With Disability founding Caucus Chair since 2004, local and National Chair since 2012. Hosting 2015 US Social Forums Disability PMA was an exciting Non-Violent Direct Action activity. To educate and advocate for true Democracy, where Corporate Money does not rule our choices and hold at ransom our representative voice. As I promote Quality Home Health options, I have an opportunity to educate and empower people power to take back the health of our person, homes and communities; as a voice and positive energy at this Forum. Now serving as IPWD Treasurer. The forum led to the implementation and collaboration of NAJLCA, AACSA & MTA efforts to amend the 13 th , 14 th , 15 th , 6 th , 2 nd & create a 28 th amendment to the US Constitution: addressing Black Lives Matter & Corporate Personhood End; all with a primary goal of mentoring & aspiring young Black Attorneys in the process. The curriculum will be housed at the Inez C. Jackson Black Historical Research Library in the African American Com. Serv. Agency. At 304 Nth 6 th St I sit as a Santa Clara Co California Commissioner on its Council of Aging Sourcewise Advisory Board, I have served, full terms on its Senior Care Commission, Chaired its Institutional and Protections Committee. I served 3 full terms, as Advisory board member of Santa Clara Public Authority, & I have served on Valley Medical Centers Advisory board; all with a purpose of having a voice regarding positive public policy effecting my community and at large communities since 2004.


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