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The Alkebulan Ominira

The Alkebulan Ominira is a seven day practice observed during Juneteenth. The name of stands for “Alkebulan” – the birthplace of man and “Ominira” which means freedom. Throughout the week, we combine the two concepts of freedom from slavery with the freedom to build community. This act of unity and self-determination will aid us in embarking on the Sankofa Journey back to our personal and collective Africanity, utilizing the Principles of Kwanzaa. Thus, Juneteenth and the Principles of Kwanzaa, become dual aspects of our Sankofa Journey back to an African mindset and system of values

Alkebulan Ominira Overview


Observing the principle of unity while enjoying meals of fruit and water together.

Celebrating self-determination  while coming together for meals of bread and vegetables

Honoring collective work, meals expand on the third day to include beans and rice.  

Participating in cooperative economics, while  coming together to break fasts with fish and fowl. 


Enjoying a day of desserts while uplifting our community.

Explore the day of culture and creative expressions.

Revering our Day of Faith and  libation celebrations

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