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Birth of a New Nation

rise of the Diaspora

Birth of a New Nation” Global Peace Summit.   The Birth of a New Nation Global Peace Summit (BNNGPS) is a transformative summit redefining traditional approaches to global issues affecting Black people of African and Indigenous descent with fresh perspectives and proactive solutions.   By embracing our diversity, cutting-edge technology, and collaborative partnerships, we're pioneering a new era of impactful change on a global scale in solidarity



The Epitome of Innovation

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Mansa Museum COMING 

About the Museum

The Mansa Museum Project is part of our commitment to supporting the development of needed educational resources pertaining to Black history. As a repository of knowledge, the Mansa Museum will ensure that physical and non-physical aspects of Black History are preserved to protect historical truth and to prevent misinformation that is often born from a lack of historical understanding.


The Museum will also serve as a center of cultural enrichment and support. Visitors can expect to become more familiar with traditional foods, folklore, dances and more. Not only a source of knowledge, the Mansa Museum will entertain and help to uplift communities.

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