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What We've Been Up To

Mission & Milestones 

Learn more in our Mission and Milestone section to see how we serve the community, our goals for the future and some of the things we have already been doing to enrich our society.



The NAJL serves as a public resource for the history of slavery in the United States, and promotes the recognition of Juneteenth as a National Day of Celebration for the ending of chattel slavery.


The NAJL will continue to advocate for a paid government holiday that observes Juneteenth in all 50 states, and to be diverse enough in our educational resources that we can reach as many people as possible.


Moving Forward

The NAJL will continue to pursue expansion of educational services to the community and an observance of Juneteenth. Below are some of the actions we have been taking in support of Juneteenth and in educating the public on this integral part of American history.

Juneteenth National Freedom Day

Working with former California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., the NAJL was able recognize Juneteenth as a day in 2018. The official day to be observed by the state of California June 16th .


Museum Development

The NAJL began development to produce the Mansa Museum. The Mansa Museum will further our vision of expanding educational resources about chattel slavery and the African American path to freedom. 


Alkebulan Ominira

Working together with the NBCOE, the Alkebulan Ominira structures ceremonies, celebrations and principles to be observed throughout Juneteenth.

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