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Black History 365

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Dr. Walter Milton Jr.

CEO of BH365


Education/Author oBlack History 365

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The NAJL has partnered with BH 365  as part of our commitment to bringing Black History educational resources to the community . It will also engage the communities and develop our own Novels, Comic Books, Directories, Educational and Research books, and book clubs the Diaspora communities


Black History 365

This essential educational resource will provide and in-depth guide to Black History. Black History 365 also has academic reading that is flexible in that it is also inclusive of younger children.


Family Commerce Project

The National Family Financial Commerce Project is dedicated to bringing the African American family together through economics. Partnering with one million African American families; each will purchase, read, and study a Black History 365 book (Black History an Inclusive Account of American History). From there, they then will have the option to create:

• Poem 

• Comic Books & Novels

• Static & Animated Visual Art

• Movies & Stage Plays

And More

Creations will be based on African American History. The projects put together by each family will be developed into a family business. All family members will be recognized as owners with interest in said company. Youth accounts will also be created to support young adults at 18 to ensure intergenerational wealth and by extension family stability.

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